Grand MA2 Patcher

This program takes patch and position information from an Excel spreadsheet and imports it directly into MA onPC. There are several options in the settings menu to customize the spreadsheet column names and dmx address information.

At this time only meters are supported for XYZ positions. Position and rotation columns can be disabled if you are only looking to import patch data.

This program functions similarly to the Vectorworks to MA plugin that generates an XML file expect most the process is automated via Telnet commands to onPC.

The basic workflow is:

  1. Populate Excel spreadsheet with data
  2. Setup fixture types in onPC
  3. Load Excel data into program
  4. Load fixture types into program
  5. Associate fixture types to excel fixture names in data grid
  6. Import patch into onPC

This program works best on new show files. If you need to use this on existing show files it is best to create a new showfile and then PSR the patch into your existing show. See the last page on the manual for a more in-depth explanation.

Sample files are included and there is a tutorial in the manual.

Download V1.0

This program is free and opensource. Visit the github page for more infomation.

System requirements: